One Control

One Control
Whether you're using just a couple of effects pedals or rocking a huge pedalboard that's packed to the brim, One Control guitar pedal switchers are built to make your rig run easier! Also, feast your eyes and ears on a whole new collection of sound manipulation - the BJF Series FX pedal lineup is the collaborative brainchild of One Control and Bjorn Juhl, the world-renowned engineer, designer, and effects builder. These modular pedals touch on every part of the effects spectrum, bringing Juhl's colorful minimalist look and One Control's powerful technologies together for the modern musician.
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  • The FS-P3 is a custom 3-button footswitch for your BJF-S66 amp. The FS-P3 controls your effects loop, channel and tremolo. Dimension is 7' (W) x 2' (D) x 1.7' (H) with a weight of approximately 1 lb. A 10’ ...
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  • With modern design and build techniques, the BJF-S66 captures the essence of that famed mid-60's sound, while being small and light enough to fit into a gig bag and robust enough to handle the rigors of the ...
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