Introducing the Fender Mustang GT Amplifiers

AMS is excited to announce the arrival of Fender's new Mustang GT line of amplifiers! With features that include amp modeling, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and iOS or Android device preset control, plus a groundbreaking first - intelligent Wi-Fi connection capability, Fender has pulled out all of the stops with this exciting new series! There are three models, the GT40, GT100, and GT200 at 40, 100, and 200-watts respectively, which means Fender has taken the needs of every type of guitar player into consideration. Each of these Fender Mustang GT amps include built-in amp models and effects- you can re-create some of the most iconic amp tones or customize your own! Connect Mustang GT to Wi-Fi and share presets with a worldwide community of guitarists, enjoy the personalized Mustang GT sounds of Fender sponsored artists, and stay connected with the latest updates. Packed to the brim with guitar tone tools, with these new Fender Mustang amps in your guitar rig, the tonal possibilities are endless!