IsoVox 2 VocalStudio Mobile Vocal Isolation Booth

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Product Description

When is comes to recording an exceptional vocal track, a great microphone is only part of the equation. Another consideration is the environment in which you are recording. Every reflection off the walls, ceiling, and floor colors the sound, and not always in a flattering way. That’s why it’s so important to control the setting surrounding the microphone and vocalist. Professional studios go through great expense to treat the structure to minimize unwanted reflections and produce a warm uncolored sound, though you’d have to empty your bank account to record in one.

That’s where the game-changing ISOVOX 2 vocal isolation booth comes in. Providing world-class recording acoustics for your vocal tracks, the ISOVOX 2 instant portable Pro Studio uses its Patented 360 XYZ Pro-Acoustics shields to guard against unwanted reflections and noise. Home recording can be a challenging experience given all the everyday sounds that permeate your home, sounds that you never notice. Heat or air conditioning kicking on, the hum of the refrigerator or a truck outside passing by - all sounds you'd never notice, yet they're loud and clear on your vocal track (and they build up on multiple tracks.) Providing a totally dry, clear, crisp and punchy sound, the ISOVOX 2 isolates your vocal and places it in an acoustically pleasing environment so you can concentrate on performance.

The ISOVOX 2 is constructed of multiple layers and densities, with detachable side-panels and a simple zipper and Velcro assembly that allows for flat packing, easy portability, and quick set-up. It can also be mounted to a standard PA-speaker stand (Not included).

With its 360 XYZ Acoustics-System controlling soundwaves from ALL directions, the ISOVOX 2 allows you to have a pristine studio environment in your home – or anywhere else.

Designed for:

  • Pro-Vocal Recording
  • Pro-Voice-Over
  • Pro-Vocal Practicing
  • Music Schools
  • Broadcasting
  • Podcasting

Product Specifications
IsoVox 2 VocalStudio Mobile Vocal Isolation Booth Specifications
Dimensions LBH: 800 x 490 x 480 mm
Weight: 11kg
Lucrecia Sarita Russo Submitted: 4/21/2018
Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
At first glance, it was difficult to imagine it put together. The steel zippers made me a bit apprehensive. The zippers are military grade, but still, I was careful when zipping, zipping slowly. Once assembled, I was genuinely knocked out by its sleek design. The inside is roomy. The removable led bar makes for a sweet environment, especially if you need to read copy or lyrics while you're recording. My overall experience inside the booth was comfortable, cozy and cool. Mounting it on the PA stand was a breeze. The IsoVox2 rotates smoothly a full 360 degrees. I love that the covers can be removed from the pads for cleaning and that the vinyl exterior can be wiped down with soap and water. Most importantly the noise cancellation and padding acoustics are in line with some of the high-end recording booths I've used in the past. In my opinion, the IsoVox2 is an excellent portable pro recording booth...all the way!!
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