Marshall HGFX Head with Marshall MG412AG Cabinet
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Marshall’s MG series has long been the amp of choice for players who don’t want to break the bank to get that coveted Marshall sound and aura! The MG100HGFX continues this tradition and brings modern   ...
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Marshall CODE100 Digital Guitar Amplifier Head
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Years of research and developemnet by Marshall has produced the fully programmable 100 watt CODE head. Marshall has combined authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality   ...
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Marshall CODE412 4x12 Speaker Cabinet 120 Watts 8 Ohms
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Get the most out of your Marshall CODE head by matching it to the CODE 412 cabinet. Designed to be used with the CODE100H head, the CODE 412 is a 120 Watt, 4 x 12” angled cab, loaded with custom   ...
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Marshall DSL40CR Amplifier Combo 1x12 40 Watts
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Marshall is the workhorse amp for stage and studio that professional guitarists prefer to play. The DSL40 combo amp now features adjustable power output, EQ refinements, an emulated output, plus reverb, resonance   ...
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Marshall CODE 4Way Stompware Foot controller for CODE Amplifiers
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By using the CODE foot controller with your Marshall CODE amplifier, you will experience the full expressiveness of the next generation of Marshall amplifiers. Connect your CODE programmable 4-way footcontroller   ...
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