Sound City Amplification

Sound City Amplification
The name ‘Sound City' has a rich and storied history. Originally a music shop in London's West End owned by Arbiter Electronics (who was known for a little pedal called the Fuzz Face), Sound City ultimately became the name of a lineup of instrument amps and line sound reinforcement products made in that very location. In 1967, the very first Sound City guitar amps were created, including the iconic Mark model 'One Hundred' that earned the praises of Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix among others. In 2017, Neal Ostberg and Steven Fryette brought the amps back - they represent both the essence and continued evolution of those famous 1967 designs. At their core, Sound City amplifiers deliver sublime power-amp-tube saturation and expressive feel. They will sound great at any volume and provide a uniquely rich platform for pedals and effects.
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  • The Master Lead 50 amp head excels as a power house foundation for your pedals and effects. Whether straight-in or with your pedal board, the SC50 will inspire your creativity and elevate your performance. ...
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    Price: $3,569.00
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  • Sound City SC412 cabinet has everything we love about vintage speaker cabinets, with innovation and evolution, making them the most responsive and expressive speaker cabinets available. The low-end it is tight and ...
    Price: $1,999.00
    Save: $600.00 (30%)
    $1,399.00      $1,399.00
    12 Payments of $116.59
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