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    • Line 6 Guitar Rig Giveaway - February 2018

      $2,079.00 Value
      Current - Ends 2/28/18
      Includes: Line 6 Variax Shuriken HD Modeling Electric Guitar, HD150 Spider IV Half-Stack w/ 4x12 Cab, & Relay G10 Digital Wireless System.
    • Ibanez/Orange Guitar Rig Giveaway - January 2018

      $2,199.00 Value
      Joe F. - Cape May Courthouse, NJ
      Includes: Ibanez RG652MPB Electric Guitar (Ghost Fleet Blue Burst) & Orange Rocker 15 Combo Guitar Amplifier.
    • Fender Guitar Rig Giveaway - December 2017

      $2,360.00 Value
      Fred S. - Northwood, NH
      Includes: Fender Brad Paisley Artist Signature Road Worn Telecaster w/ additional pickguard signed by Brad Paisley, Fender Exclusive Run Hot Rod Deluxe III Guitar Amplifier, Wampler Paisley Deluxe Dual Overdrive Pedal.
    • PRS Guitar Rig Giveaway - November 2017

      $2,248.00 Value
      Mark B. - Loveland, CO
      Includes: PRS S2 Custom 24 Electric Guitar with Custom Aqua Marine Firemist Finish & a PRS Sonzera 20 Combo Amplifier.
    • Marshall Ultimate Man Cave Giveaway - October 2017

      $3,600.00 Value
      Stanton M. - Nashville, NC
      Includes: 55" TV, Marshall Mini Jubilee Combo Amp, 2x Marshall headphones, Marshall Fridge, 2x Marshall barstools, 4x Marshall pint glasses, Marshall beanie & tee, Grundorf Guitar Display Case.
    • Fender Guitar Rig Giveaway - September 2017

      $2,150.00 Value
      William S. - Greensboro, NC
      Includes: Fender American Special Telecaster - Lake Placid Blue & Exclusive Run Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amplifier.
    • Hartke Billy Sheehan Giveaway - September 2017

      $3,400.00 Value
      Bradley H - Fairborn, OH
      Includes: Two Hartke LH1000 Bass Amp Heads & Four Hartke Hydrive HD 15" Bass Cabinets.
    • Bose/Martin Singer/Songwriter Giveaway - August 2017

      $5,500.00 Value
      Melanie L. - Washington, CT
      Includes: Bose L1 Model II Portable PA System with B2 Bass Module and T1 ToneMatch & Martin OMC-16E Acoustic-Electric Guitar.
    • Ernie Ball MusicMan/Sterling Giveaway - July 2017

      Winner - Bruce A.
      $2,699.00 Value
      Bruce A. - Jackson, TN
      Includes: Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine Guitar - Buttermilk & Sterling James Valentine JV60 Guitar - Trans Buttermilk.
    • Schecter Guitars Giveaway - June 2017

      $1,500.00 Value
      Stephen S. - Sherwood, AR
      Includes: Schecter Synyster Gates Custom Sustainiac Satin - Gold Burst & 2 Tickets to an Avenged Sevenfold Show.
    • Taylor Guitars Giveaway - May 2017

      $2,798.00 Value
      Michael F. - Framingham, MA
      Includes: Taylor 416ceR Grand Symphony AE Guitar & Taylor Academy A10e Dreadnought AE Guitar
    • Supro Guitar Rig Giveaway - April 2017

      $2,448.00 Value
      Julie S. - Orem, UT
      Includes: Supro Hampton Electric Guitar (Ocean Blue Metallic) & Comet Guitar Amp
    • Ibanez AS153 Artstar Giveaway - March 2017

      $999.99 Value
      Carey I. - Queenstown, MD
      Includes: Ibanez AS153 Artstar Semihollow Guitar with Case
    • Fender Jim Root Giveaway - February 2017

      $1,199.99 Value
      Luke J. - Gilford, NH
      Includes: Fender Signature Jim Root Telecaster with Case
    • Pop Evil Spector/Orange Giveaway - February 2017

      $969 Value
      Lori D. - Berlin, CT
      Includes: Pop Evil Signed Spector Performer Bass and Orange Crush 100 Bass Amp
    • Fender & Gretsch Giveaway - January 2017

      $3,799.00 Value
      Jason S. - Salt Lake City, Utah
      Includes: Gretsch G6122 Players Edition Country Gentleman and a Fender 68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35 Watt 2x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier
    • Fender Guitar Rig Giveaway - December 2016

      Winner - Jeff B.
      $3,269.93 Value
      Jeff B. - Branson, MO
      Includes: Fender American Elite Shawbucker Strat - Olympic Pearl, Fender Super Sonic 60 Combo Amp & Fender Logo Bar Stool
    • Boutique Pedal/PRS CE24 Giveaway - November 2016

      $4,966.79 Value
      David C. - Bellevue, WA
      Includes: PRS Guitars CE24 - Morley Maverick Mini Wah - KHDK Scuzz Box Fuzz - Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive - Source Audio Nemesis Delay - MXR M300 Digital Reverb - Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini - Walrus Audio Luminary Quad Octave - TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini - Catalinbread Callisto BucketBrigade - Xotic EP Booster - Red Witch Synthotron - J Rockett SOS Line Driver - VooDoo Labs PPM DC Power Supply - Blackbird 1530 Pedalboard - George Ls Effects Cable Kit - TC Electronic HyperGravity
    • Marshall Man Cave Giveaway - October 2016

      $4,500.00 Value
      Linda V. - Lone Tree, CO
      Includes: Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Half Stack, 55 inch TV, Marshall Fridge & Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker. Plus Marshall Logo Merch: 2x Bar Stools, 4x Pint Glasses, Beanie Hat & T-shirt.
    • ADJ DJ Lighting Giveaway - October 2016

      $2,455.15 Value
      Jordan B. - N. Las Vegas, NV
      Includes: ADJ Mega Flat Pak Plus, H2O LED IR, Stinger II, Micro Royal, VF1300 Fog Machine & Juice, UV Flood 36, 2x Snap Shot LED II, 2x Flash Rope, 2x ECO UV Bar 50 IR & 4x BLB7W Ultraviolet Bulbs.
    • Gibson/Orange Giveaway - September 2016

      $5,000.00 Value
      Raymond L. - Elko, NV
      Includes: 2016 Gibson ES335 Guitar, Orange TH30 Combo Amp & Orange TwoStroke Boost/EQ Pedal.
    • Fender Giveaway - August 2016

      $2,869.93 Value
      John D. - Phoenix, AZ
      Includes: Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar, 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Combo Amplifier, Fender Logo Bar Stool.
    • Breedlove Giveaway – July 2016

      Russell L. – Lake Stevens, WA
      Includes: Flight to Breedlove Factory & a Custom Oregon Series Acoustic Guitar
    • Gibson Giveaway – June 2016

      $3,149.00 Value
      Alison M. – Cave Creek, AZ
      Includes: Gibson 2016 HP Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst with Case
    • 1986 Giveaway – May 2016

      $3,030.00 Value
      Charles J. - Covington, VA
      Includes: Fender Standard Strat, Roland JC120 Amp, Casio SK-1 (used), Electro-Voice RE20 Mic, AKG D112 MKII Mic, Shure SM57 & SM58 Mics, Boss DD3 Pedal, Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby Wah, TC Electronics SCF Pedal & MXR Phase 90 Pedal
    • Reverend & Fuchs Billy Corgan Giveaway – April 2016

      $3,363.00 Value
      Richard O. – Fayetteville, NC
      Includes: Reverend Billy Corgan BC-1 Electric Guitar w/ Case, Fuchs Blackjack 21 Combo Amp
    • Fender Acoustic Guitar Rig Giveaway – March 2016

      $1,999.98 Value
      Adam R. – Stoughton, MA
      Includes: Fender Paramount PM1 Deluxe Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar and Fender Acoustic Pro Guitar Amplifier.
    • Paul Reed Smith Guitar Giveaway – February 2016

      $3,999.00 Value
      Jim F. – Fort Wayne, IN
      Includes: Paul Reed Smith P22WL Electric Guitar - Jade Finish.
    • Fender Jimi Hendrix Giveaway – January 2016

      $899.99 Value
      Marc W. – Ferndale, MI
      Includes: Fender Jimi Hendrix Signature Stratocaster Guitar, Olympic White.
    • Gibson/Blackstar Giveaway – December 2015

      $5,538.99 Value
      Brian E. – Thorsby, AL
      Includes: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top T Series Guitar and a Blackstar Artist 30 2x12 Tube Combo Amp.
    • Fender Bass Rig Giveaway – November 2015

      Thomas I. – Evergreen, CO
      Includes: Fender American Deluxe Dimension 5-string bass, a Fender Bassman half stack with the powerful Bassman 500 tube head and a Bassman 410 Neo bass cabinet.
    • ESP/EMG James Hetfield Giveaway – Oct/Nov 2015

      Douglas F. – Waltham, MA
      Includes: ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross Electric Guitar signed and personalized by James Hetfield, as well as an EMG Iron Cross Guitar Strap, EMG Cinch-Bag, ESP Barstool & EMG Distressed T-Shirt.
    • Marshall/Gibson Mancave Giveaway – October 2015

      $6,000 Value
      John S. – Olympia, WA
      Includes: 55" TV, GoPro CHDBY-401 HERO4 Silver Music Edition, Gibson Les Paul Less Plus 2015 Guitar with Case, Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Half Stack, Marshall Fridge, Marshall Bar Stool, Gibson Logo Bar Stool and Gibson T-Shirt. Plus other Gibson Accessories Including Guitar Strap, Pure Premium Guitar Cable, Brite Wires Guitar Strings & Standard 50 Pack Guitar Picks.
    • Marshall/Gibson Mancave Giveaway – October 2015

      $6,000 Value
      John S. – Olympia, WA
      Includes: 55" TV, GoPro CHDBY-401 HERO4 Silver Music Edition, Gibson Les Paul Less Plus 2015 Guitar with Case, Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Half Stack, Marshall Fridge, Marshall Bar Stool, Gibson Logo Bar Stool and Gibson T-Shirt. Plus other Gibson Accessories Including Guitar Strap, Pure Premium Guitar Cable, Brite Wires Guitar Strings & Standard 50 Pack Guitar Picks.
    • AMS $5,000 Shopping Spree – September 2015

      $5,000 Value
      Samir P. – Torrington, CT
      Includes: Your Choice of Gear up to $5,000, on us. Get the gear you want with a $5,000 Shopping Spree at AMS!
    • Acoustic Guitar Giveaway – August 2015

      $2,042.46 Value
      Calvin P – Little Rock, AR
      Includes: Fender T-Bucket 300CE Acoustic Electric Guitar, Fender Passport Event Portable PA System, 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner, Lawrence 29 inch Round Wrought Iron Fire Pit and Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler. With Fender Logo Bar Stools, Bottle Opener, Pint Glasses, and Cutting Board, as well as Fender Guitar Tools, Tweed Cable, Tripod Speaker Stands, Tuner, 80/20 Bronze Strings and Smart Capo.
    • Numark/Chauvet DJ Giveaway – June 2015

      $2,188.58 Value
      Les K. – Milford, PA
      Includes: Numark NV DJ Controller, Numark Red Wave Headphones, two Numark Lightwave Powered ‘Lightshow’ Speakers, Chauvet Wash FX & GigBar IRC Stage Lights, Magma CTRL Case For Numark NV, Two Hosa XLR Cables and a pair of On Stage Tripod Speaker Stands.
    • Live Sound Giveaway – May 2015

      $5,993 Value
      Thearthur W.   Portland, OR
      Includes: SoundCraft Si Expression1 16 Channel Digital Mixer, two JBL EON615 Powered 15" Speakers with Bluetooth, two JBL PRX715XLF 15" Powered Subwoofers and two AKG D5 Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld Microphones.
    • Gibson Guitar Giveaway – April 2015

      $3,426.13 Value
      Doug H.   Winona Lake, IN
      Includes: Fender American Standard HSS Shawbucker Stratocaster with Case, EVH 5150III 1x12 Combo Amplifier, Fender Logo Bar Stool, Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar Strap, and On Stage XCG4 Velveteen Padded Tubular Guitar Stand.
    • Home Recording Giveaway – March 2015

      $14,515.92 Value
      Jeffrey W.   Colorado Springs, CO
      Includes: Universal Audio Apollo Quad Thunderbolt audio interface, a pair of Genelec M040 active studio monitors, Neumann TLM103 / SKM184 mic package, Audix I5 / D6 Mics, PreSonus Central Station Plus / Studio One Pro Software, Mackie Control Universal Pro / Extender Pro 8 Control Surface, Primacoustic London 12 Studio Room Kit, Furman P1800AR Adv Voltage Regulator and Power Conditioner, and Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate Software Suite.
    • Singer/Songwriter Giveaway – February 2015

      $8,146.94 Value
      Paul B.   Centerbrook, CT
      Includes: Bose L1 Model II w/ Single B2 Bass & ToneMatch Audio Engine, Martin D28 Acoustic with Case, Audix OM6 Microphone, TC Helicon Play FX Processor, Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup, K&M 2109B Stand, Mogami Gold Cables, Martin Strap & Martin SP Strings.
    • Fender Giveaway – January 2015

      $2,509.77 Value
      Steven P.   Frederick, CO
      Includes: Fender American Deluxe Strat Plus Guitar and Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb Amplifier. Plus Fender Branded Bar Stool, Guitar Cable, Strap, Stand and Tuner.
    • December Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Giveaway

      MSRP $7,450.00
      Dwayne F.   Astoria, OR
      Includes: Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 Top Electric Guitar - Black Gold and Paul Reed Smith Archon Combo Amplifier - 1x12", 50 Watt with 6l6 Tubes.
    • November Gibson/Orange Dream Team Giveaway

      MSRP $9,264.00
      Jeff G.   W. Palm Beach, FL
      Includes: Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Darkback Reissue, Gibson Hardshell Guitar Case, Orange TH30 Guitar Amplifier Head and Orange PPC212C 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet.
    • Oct/Nov Gibson Billie Joe ES-137 Giveaway

      MSRP $6,500.00
      Kerry W. – Ames, IA
      Includes: Marshall JCM800 2203 Reissue Amp, Marshall JCM1960A 4x12 Speaker Cabinet, 55" TV, Xbox One console, Marshall Fridge, Marshall Pub Table/Stool Set, Marshall Pint Glass Set, Marshall Dartboard, Marshall Clock and Marshall Branded Clothing.
    • September 2014 Mackie PA Giveaway

      MSRP $3,079.00
      Michael M. – Denver, CO
      Includes: 2x Mackie SRM450 v3 Powered PA Speaker, 2x Mackie SRM1801 Powered PA Subwoofer, 2x Mackie SPM200 Speaker Pole and Mackie 1402VLZ4 Stereo Mixer.
    • Aug/Sept 2014 Hartke Dave Ellefson Giveaway

      MSRP $2,400.00
      Larry S. – Versailles, KY
      Hartke HyDrive 810 cabinet from the Megadeth 2011 World Tour (backplate signed by Dave Ellefson), Documentation letter signed by Dave with the serial number of the cab in the body of the letter, Limited/numbered edition "My Life With Deth" collectable book written and signed by Dave Ellefson, Vintage "Super Collider" Megadeth album (signed by the whole band) and a New Hartke LH1000 Bass Amp Head.
    • August 2014 Pioneer DJ Giveaway

      MSRP $3,820.93
      James E. – Aurora, IL
      Includes: Pioneer DDJSZ Professional DJ Controller for Serato, 2x Pioneer S-DJ60X Active Reference Studio Monitors, Hosa Beatport Dual RCA to RCA Cable, 2x On Stage SMS6000 Studio Monitor Stands and Grundorf DDJSZ Case.
    • July 2014 Gibson/Marshall Giveaway

      MSRP $6,340.96
      Joe C. – Elgin, SC
      Includes: Gibson Les Paul Signature Minitune - Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Marshall DSL Head with MX412A 4x12 Cab, On Stage WGS100 Guitar Stand, Gibson Memory Cable, Gibson Logo Bar Stool & Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap.
    • June 2014 Gibson J29 Package Giveaway

      MSRP $3,498.82
      Eric B. – Denver, CO
      Gibson Gear Including: Gibson J29 Acoustic Electric Guitar, Hardshell Case, 10x Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Pump Polish, Polish Cloth, Austin Comfort Guitar Strap, Men's Hoodie Sweatshirt, Gibson Logo Bar Stool, Standard Guitar Picks – 50 Picks, Gibson Logo Baseball Cap, Gibson Pilsner Gift Set & Gibson Logo Vinyl Stickers.
    • May 2014 Harman Pro PA Giveaway

      MSRP $11,671.79
      James C. – Princeton, LA
      2x JBL PRX715 Powered Loudspeakers, 2x JBL PRX718XLF Powered Subwoofers, 2x JBL SS4BK Speaker Poles, 4x DBX DB12 Active Direct Boxes, DBX DriveRack PA2 Speaker Management System, 3x AKG D5 Dynamic Vocal Microphones, AKG DMS70D Handheld Wireless Mic System, AKG Rhythm Pack Drum Mic Pack, 6x Konig and Meyer 254B Tripod Boom Mic Stands, SoundCraft Si Expression 1 Digital Mixer, 4x On Stage MS7411B Short Tripod Boom Mic Stands, On Stage MS9411TB Plus Telescoping Boom Kick Drum Mic Stand, 4x Audix CBLDR25 25’ Mic Cables with Right Angle, CBI MCB 16x8 150’ Audio Snake, 4x CBI Ultimate Series 20’ Male XLR to 1/4 Inch TRS Cables, 4x CBI Ultimate Series 10’ Female XLR to 1/4 Inch TRS Cables, 2x CBI LowZ 10’ Mic Cables, 12x CBI LowZ 12’ Mic Cables
    • April PRS 2014

      MSRP $8,273.80
      B. Bouman
      PRS Paul Reed Smith 2013 Pauls Guitar with Case, PRS HXDA 30 Watt Head – Custom finish, PRS 2x12 Cabinet – Custom finish, Franklin Padded Glove Leather Guitar Strap, CBI Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Speaker Cable with 1/4 Inch Ends – 3 Feet, Mogami Gold Guitar Instrument Cable – 18 Feet, Angled, On Stage WGS100 Wooden Guitar Stand
    • April Bruno Mars 2014

      MSRP $5,024.00
      M. Sands
      Fender 60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Stratocaster signed by Bruno Mars, Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Guitar Combo Amplifier, Fender Drive Guitar Overdrive Pedal, Fender Delay Guitar Effects Pedal, Fender Distortion Guitar Pedal, Fender Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal, Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Pick Tin, Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Strap, Fender 60th Anniversary 15 Foot Cable
    • March 2014

      MSRP $6,152.00
      J. Mullins
      Taylor 814ce ES2 Grand Auditorium, AER Compact 60-3 Acoustic Guitar, On Stage WGS100 Wooden Guitar Stand, Mono Betty Gtr Strap Sharkskin Jet, Mono M80-AD Acoustic Guitar Case, Mogami Gold Guitar Instrument Cable
    • February 2014

      MSRP $4,567.00
      J. Wright
      Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Quilt Electric Guitar with Case, Gibson Logo Bar Stool, Gibson Standard Guitar Picks 50 Pack, Gibson Slingshot Leather Guitar Strap, 2x Gibson Guitar Care Kit, 2 boxes of Gibson Brite Wires Electric Guitar Strings – Ultra Light, 2 Boxes of Gibson AVR11 Vintage Reissue Electric Guitar Strings – Medium Light
    • January 2014

      MSRP $7,320.43
      B. Boyd
      Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S Electric Guitar signed by Synyster Gates , Schecter Hellwin Stage 100 Guitar Amplifier Head, Schecter Hellwin Stage 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Schecter Hellwin Stage 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Schecter SGR2A Guitar Case , Vorson Skull & Snake Flashing LED Strap, On Stage GS7465 Pro Flip it Stand, Ernie Ball 2215 Slinky Strings, Dunlop 4181 Tortex Picks 1.14 Gauge
    • December 2013

      MSRP $6,179.93
      J. Nettles
      Jackson USA PC1 Phil Collen Electric Guitar with Case, EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III 50W Guitar Amplifier Head, EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Jackson 24 Inch Bloodline Logo Bar Stool, Jackson® A-FLEX Hat, Black, L/XL, EVH Jacket Large
    • November 2013

      MSRP $1,837.96
      C. Garrard
      2x QSC K10 - Signed by Jordan Rudess, 1 Blu-ray of Dream Theatre's upcoming "Live at Luna Park" Blu-ray
    • November 2013

      MSRP $2,570.00
      M. Taylor
      Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Fender Koil Kord, 3 Jimi Hendrix Dunlop pedals, Jimi Hendrix™Signature Wah, Jimi Hendrix™ Fuzz Face® Distortion, Jimi Hendrix™ Octavio® Effect, Signed copy of Hendrix Lyric Book (Janie Hendrix), Signed copy of album (Eddie Kramer), Signed poster (Van Hamersveld), Hard Rock Jimi Hendrix T-shirt & pin, Dawn Stark Jimi Hendrix Jewelry
    • October 2013

      MSRP $4,004.86
      P. Feddema
      Marshall Fridge, Marshall DSL100H Head, Marshall MX412A Cab, Insignia™ - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.)- LED - 1080p - 60Hz – HDTV, Stainless Steel Wall Clock, Pint Glass X4, Tall Bar Stool, Pub Table, Beanie Hat, Contrast Stitch Flex Fit Cap, Roadie/Beer Towel, Dickies Short Sleeve Work Shirt, Full Zip Hoody, Logo Tee
    • October 2013

      MSRP $2,498.00
      J. Quinlan
      Gibson Kirk Douglas SG with Case
    • September 2013

      MSRP $3,491.91
      A. Brady
      EVH Eddie Van Halen Striped Series Electric Guitar, EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III 50W Guitar Amplifier Head, EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150III 50 Watt Head Cover, EVH Eddie Van Halen 212 Cabinet Cover, EVH Eddie Van Halen Premium Leather Guitar Strap – 42 Inches, EVH Eddie Van Halen Premium Pick Tin Guitar Picks , EVH Eddie Van Halen Premium Guitar Instrument Cable - 20 feet, 10 packs - EVH Eddie Van Halen Premium Electric Guitar Strings - Light, .009 - .042
    • September 2013

      MSRP $4,998.00
      K. Thomas
      Gibson Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul with Case
    • August 2013

      MSRP $5,129.89
      H. Saenz
      PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Mixer, PreSonus Eris E8 Powered Studio Monitor Pair, Raxxess SS36 Studio Monitor Speaker Stands - 36 Inch, Pair , SM Pro Audio Active Speaker Starter Pack
    • July 2013

      MSRP $4,500.00
      C. Schroeder
      Signed Fender Mike Dirnt Precision Bass with Gigbag - 2-Color Sunburst, Fender Bassman 100T Tube Bass Amplifier Head, Fender Bassman 410 Neo Bass Cabinet - 4x10 inchC. Schroeder
    • July 2013

      MSRP $4,000.00
      C. Abbamonte
      Gibson Les Paul Signature T Min-Etune Electric Guitar with Case, Gibson Standard Guitar Picks 50 Pack, Gibson Modern Vintage Guitar Strap, Gibson Logo Bar Stool, Gibson Guitar Care Kit, (10x)Gibson Vintage Reissue Electric Guitar Strings, On Stage WGS100 Wooden Guitar Stand - Rosewood Finish, Gibson Logo T-Shirt Music Clothing
    • June 2013

      MSRP $3,616.88
      C. Snipes
      Guild M120E Acoustic Electric Guitar Features, Fender Passport 500 Pro Portable PA System, (2x)Fender California Guitar Instrument Cable - 20 Foot, (2x)Fender Black XLR to XLR Microphone Cable - 25 Foot, (2x)Fender California Series ¼ Inch Speaker Cable – 25 Foot, Guild Leather guitar strap, Guild 24 Inch Barstool, Shure Performance Gear UHF Handheld & Lapel Wireless Mic, Shure WA302 Instrument Wireless Cable, (2x)On Stage SS7730 Tripod Speaker Stand, On Stage Stands 7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand
    • May 2013

      MSRP $7,150.00
      C. Elliot
      PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Mixer, Audix DP Elite 8 8-Piece Drum Microphone Package, KRK Rokit 5 G2 Powered Studio Monitor Pair, SM Pro Audio Active Speaker Starter Pack
    • April 2013

      MSRP $4,704.00
      R. Roane
      Gibson ES335 Dot Figured Top Semi Hollow with Case - Vintage Sunburst
    • March 2013

      MSRP $5,739.93
      G. Stockton
      Mackie PA System Package
    • February 2013

      MSRP $1,079.99
      J. Lindsey
      Fender Pawn Shop Super Sonic Electric Guitar - Sunset Orange Flake
    • January 2013

      MSRP $1,249.99
      D. Kipping
      Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck Electric Bass Guitar - Nirvana Black
    • December 2012

      MSRP $1,733.32
      C. Thomas
      Ibanez JS20S guitar signed by Joe Satriani
    • November 2012

      MSRP $1,852.00
      S. Mashburn
      2 QSC K10 speakers, 1 Epiphone Les Paul Jr Signed by Daryl Hall, Paul Pesco and the band of TV show "Live from Daryl's House"
    • November 2012

      MSRP $2,195.00
      J. Vanderlip
      Fender® Black Paisley Telecaster®, Fender® '65 Deluxe Reverb® Amp, Brad Paisley's Book and complete Sony CD Album
    • November 2012

      MSRP $3,655.00
      M. Spurgin
      Dwight Yoakam guitar, album and tshirt
      G. Saunders
      J. Guisinger III
      Dwight Yoakam album and tshirt
    • September 2012

      MSRP $338.95
      D. Fontenot
      S. Mayfield
      Hercules DJ Console RMX2 Control Surface with Audio Interface and Hercules HDP DJ M401 DJ Headphones

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    • Feb 2018

      Ends 2/28
      28 Days of Giveaways Mackie MP220
      Current - Ends 2/28
    • Jan 2018

      Adam J.
      Boss/JHS JB-2 Giveaway
      Adam J. - Not Pictured
    • Dec 2017

      Larry G.
      Positive Grid Giveaway
      Larry G. - Not Pictured
    • Dec 2017

      Jason H.
      Mackie Gear Giveaway
      Jason H. - Not Pictured
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    • Nov 2017

      Doug M.
      Breedlove Acoustic Giveaway
      Doug M. - Not Pictured
    • Nov 2017

      Morgan M.
      Shure SE535 Giveaway
      Morgan M. - Not Pictured
    • Oct 2017

      Jon H.
      AT System 10 Giveaway
      Jon H. - Not Pictured
    • Oct 2017

      Tony T.
      Schecter Apocalypse Giveaway
      Tony T. - Not Pictured
    • September 2017

      Nolan R.
      Mackie Thump15 BST Giveaway
      Nolan R. - Not Pictured
    • September 2017

      Joseph B.
      One Control Pedalboard Giveaway
      Joseph B. - Not Pictured
    • September 2017

      Terry S.
      Shure GLXD Wireless Giveaway
      Terry S. - Not Pictured
    • August 2017

      Chris D.
      Line 6 Spider V Giveaway
      Chris D. - Not Pictured
    • August 2017

      Dan G.
      Shure Beach Rig Giveaway
      Dan G. - Not Pictured
    • July 2017

      Jack W.
      Audio-Technica Giveaway
      Jack W. - Not Pictured
    • July 2017

      Jeff M.
      Breedlove Pursuit Giveaway
      Jeff M.
    • July 2017

      Chiemena U.
      Peavey Dark Matter Giveaway
      Chiemena U. - Not Pictured
    • June 2017

      Carole S.
      Shure Classic Mics Giveaway
      Carole S. - Not Pictured
    • June 2017

      Alfred F.
      Alvarez AG70AR Giveaway
      Alfred F. - Not Pictured
    • May 2017

      Cheryl E.
      Martin D JR Acoustic Giveaway
      Cheryl E. - Martin D JR Winner
    • May 2017

      Doug L.
      Presonus Fadeport Giveaway
      Doug L. - Presonus FaderPort 8 Winner
    • April 2017

      Jack P.
      Breedlove Excl. Run Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • April 2017

      Jason W.
      Breedlove Excl. Run Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • April 2017

      Chris C.
      Ampeg Pedals Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • April 2017

      Betty M.
      Audio-Technica Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • March 2017

      Marlana P.
      DigiTech, DOD & Aclam Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • March 2017

      Kelly M.
      Shure/Gator Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • February 2017

      Multiple Winners
      Electro-Voice Month of Mics
      Not Pictured
    • January 2017

      Marco Z.
      Ampeg BA115 Amp & SCR-DI
      Not Pictured
    • January 2017

      Janene G.
      RCF M18 Digital Mixer
      Not Pictured
    • December 2016

      David J.
      Darkglass Microtubes 900
      Not Pictured
    • November 2016

      Robin W.
      Presonus AR16USB Mixer
      Not Pictured
    • Oct/Nov 2016

      Katie W.
      Signed Coy Bowles Ibanez
      Not Pictured
    • Oct/Nov 2016

      Edward S.
      Signed Ani Difranco Alvarez
      Not Pictured
    • Oct/Nov 2016

      Vicki S.
      D'Angelico Lexington SD-300
      Not Pictured
    • October 2016

      Jim T.
      Mackie ProDX8 Digital Mixer
      Not Pictured
    • Sept/Oct 2016

      Scott B.
      Blackbird 1224 Pedalboard
      Not Pictured
    • September 2016

      Kristi M.
      Dorm Room Giveaway
      Not Pictured
    • September 2016

      Tommy W.
      Sennheiser Evolution Wireless
      Tommy - Sennheiser Wireless
    • Aug/Sept 2016

      Sebastion L.
      Ampeg PF-20T Portaflex
      Not Pictured
    • August 2016

      Greg A.
      Mackie Reach PA System
      Not Pictured
    • Jul/Aug 2016

      Timothy C.
      Laney IRT-Pulse Guitar Preamp
      Not Pictured
    • July 2016

      Ethan L.
      Tascam DP-03SD Multitrack
      Not Pictured
    • July 2016

      Tim D.
      Sennheiser HD8/E935
      Tim - Sennheiser Gear
    • July 2016

      Steve O.
      GoGo Tuners Instagram
      Steve - GoGo Horizon TUner
    • June/July 2016

      Diane C.
      Washburn B120k Banjo
      Diane - Washburn B120K
    • Jan - Feb 2016

      Evans Drummer's Package
      Zack - Evans Drum Pack
    • January 2016

      Avid Pro Tools Software
      Gregg - Avid Pro Tools
    • December 2015

      Neat Mics King Bee/Bumblebee
      Ira - Neat Mics King Bee/Bumblebee
    • Nov - Dec 2015

      AT System 10 Stompbox
      Frank - AT System 10 Stompbox
    • November 2015

      Ultrasone Headphones
      Harry - Ultrasone Performance 840 Headphones
    • Sept. 2015

      Darkglass Microtubes B7K
      Sandy - Darkglass Microtubes B7K
    • January 2015

      DOD 201 & 250 Pedals
      Lee - DOD 201 & 250 Pedals
    • December 2014

      Sabian HHX Omni 22" Crash/Ride
      Liam - Sabian HHX Omni 22in Crash/Ride
    • November 2014

      H & K Tubemester 18 Amp Head
      Dave - Hughes & Kettner Tubemester 18
    • Sept. 2014

      ISP Technologies Theta/Stealth
      Tristan - ISP Theta and Stealth
    • December 2013

      Takamine EG460SC Acoustic
      Eric - Takamine EG460SC
    • October 2013

      Tina & Son
      Takamine EG455SC Acoustic
      Tina & Son - Takamine EG455SC
    • Sept. 2013

      Mackie 802 VLZ4 Mixer
      Jack - Mackie 802 VLZ4
    • November 2013

      Maricruz Palma
      Bose L1 Model II System
      Maricruz Palma - Bose L1 Model II System
    • August 2013

      Budda OM Overdrive Pedal
      Ray - Budda OM Overdrive
    • August 2013

      Takamine EG524SC Acoustic
      Jonathan - Takamine EG524SC
    • July 2013

      Grundorf/Cruz Tools Package
      Brian - Grundorf/Cruz Tools Guitar Tool Kit
    • July 2013

      Mooer Ensemble King
      Dave - Mooer Ensemble King
    • July 2013

      Budda OM Overdrive Pedal
      Bella - Budda OM Overdrive
    • June 2013

      Bogner Ecstasy Red Pedal
      Steve - Bogner Ecstasy Red
    • May 2013

      CAD MH510 Headphones
      Michael - CAD MH510 Headphones
    • April 2013

      Tascam DR-05 Recorder
      Randy - Tascam DR-05 Recorder
    • April 2013

      Behringer PH9 Phase Pedal
      Lou - Behringer PH9 Pedal

    Product Review Winners

    Thanks to our customers who post Product Reviews and share your opinions with all of our AMS Customers! Your name automatically gets entered in the monthly drawing for a $250 gift card. Congratulations to each of our winners!

    • January 2018

      Frankie D., UT
    • December 2017

      Rick S., CA
    • November 2017

      Rick M., WY
    • October 2017

      Cloud M., AZ
    • September 2017

      Fred P., AR
    • August 2017

      John A., DE
    • July 2017

      Stephen B., DC
    • June 2017

      Karim S., MA
    • May 2017

      Dondi R., SC
    • April 2017

      Scott U., FL
    • November 2016

      M. Susa
    • April 2014

      K. Peterson, WA
    • March 2014

      N. Johnson, NC
    • February 2014

      R. Jones, TX
    • December 2013

      S. Umlauf, MI
    • November 2013

      R. Sutton, CO
    • October 2013

      T. Smude, MN
    • August 2013

      M. Parnell, MI
    • July 2013

      C. Freeman, MD
    • May 2013

      L. Matthies, MO
    • April 2013

      P. Mason, NC
    • March 2013

      C. Snook, UT
    • February 2013

      D. Trujillo, WY
    • January 2013

      J. Foley, CO
    • December 2012

      J. Castillo, FL
    • November 2012

      B. Rainwater, GA
    • October 2012

      M. Mullins, KY
    • September 2012

      R. Auletta Jr., ID
    • August 2012

      J. Gillin, PA
    • July 2012

      R. Cordorva, TX
    • June 2012

      P. Harp, GA
    • April 2012

      C. Cavaleri, TX
    • March 2012

      J. Campton, SC
    • January 2012

      M. Johnson, AR
    • December 2011

      D. O'Day
    • November 2011

      T. Gustaitus
    • June 2011

      S. Jones, CA
    • May 2011

      B. Day, NC
    • April 2011

      D. Breckheimer, MN
    • March 2011

      J. Villarreal, TX
    • February 2011

      J. Tate, NC
    • January 2011

      P. Rommel, CA