Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers can really scream and that's not just for genres like rock and roll. With the added compactness and portability, the power amplifier offers high value for money. There is definitely no need for extra power while on the road. Plugging a power amplifier into an ordinary speaker system provides all the energy required and then some. There is no doubt that power amps are an efficient way to transmit sound loud and clear on any stage.

QSC Amps

QSC Amps are also great power amps for the money. This class of amps is well known for the clarity that musicians and pros depend upon. It also offers a unique set of reinforcement applications such as touring like a pro, and entertainment mobility. In general, QSC Amps provides close to 3600 watts of power. The lightweight version just weighs a whopping 21 pounds. Great for performing on the road and it combines just the right amplification to carry your guitar, keyboard sounds to the audience with precision.

Behringer Amps

Behringer Amps are prominent for their durability and they are built for rugged use. More than that, the materials that go into Behringer Amps are top-notch and deliver high performance whether you are keyboardist or guitarist. Normally, you can expect about 3000 watt power, which really is a fantastic amount of power; perhaps more than you will need. This brand of amps also offers an ultra lightweight modification for mobile performance and ease of use. The Behringer packs lightweight units using mountable racks and you won't need to ask for backup.

Behringer EP4000 Stereo Power Amplifier - 4000 Watts

The Behringer EP4000 Stereo Power Amplifier - 4000 Watts is a classic product from this company because it has excellent features such as perfect or near-perfect sound clarity and is created for rough use and travel in mind. It even has a ventilation system to prevent heat overload. What's more amazing is that it comes with 4,000 watts of smashing power that will blow your fans away. Other features include clip LEDs that make sure the amps performance is smooth and running.

QSC PLX3602 Lightweight Power Amplifier

The QSC PLX3602 Lightweight Power Amplifier is a marvel in itself because it weighs so little and ejects approximately 3600 watts. This range of amps belongs to the QSC PLX2 series, which is strictly made of performing live concerts and offers all the power you will need in one unit. It has excellent quality of sound that is incomparable with other units in the same power range. What stands out about the QSC PLX3602 Lightweight Power Amplifier is that has an enormous output of power that can translate well through any speaker unit. These amps are outfitted with subwoofer filtering, and other filter switches that allow close monitoring of sound quality.

QSC GX5 Stereo Power Amplifier

The QSC GX5 Stereo Power Amplifier is ideally suited for pros that need reliability and performance in a tight budget. This is an extremely portable amp that was specially built for this class of users and uses very little construction material and has negligible weight. Nonetheless, the QSC GX5 Stereo Power Amplifier has a uniquely appealing look and optimal sound output. If you're looking for an amp that has everything, this is it – features include hookup adjustments, great sound, and exceptional design.