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Zoom PodTrak P8 Podcasting Mixer and Recorder

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Product Description

A touch away! The professional PodTrak P8 is easy to use and can handle the most ambitious podcasts. The PodTrak P8 features functions that you need to record, edit and mix. PodTrak P8 is your complete podcast studio!

Zoom PodTrak P8 Podcasting Mixer and Recorder Features
  • Full-color LCD touchscreen display
  • Record up to 13 tracks simultaneously
  • Six mic inputs with XLR connectors and optional phantom power
  • Individual volume sliders, mute buttons and “on air” indicators for each channel
  • Dedicated channel for recording phone interviews
  • Optional BTA-2 Bluetooth enables wireless call recording
  • Mix-Minus function automatically prevents echo and feedback from call audio
  • Nine assignable Sound Pads with four banks
  • 13 pre-loaded sounds including applause, laugh track and more
  • Six headphone outputs with individual volume controls let everyone hear clearly
  • Onboard editing
  • 13-input, 2-output USB audio interface
  • Class-compliant mode for iOS compatibility
  • Battery power provides up to two hours of use with four AA batteries
  • Records directly to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 512GB
  • Up to 16-bit /44.1kHz audio in BWF-compliant WAV or a variety of MP3 formats
Touchscreen Controls
The color touchscreen interface makes monitoring, adjusting and onboard editing seamless. Everything you need is a touch away.

  • The Mic Preamp Slider allows you to dial in the level or gain of each mic. Make adjustments until the signal is peaking in the “Good Range”. Peaking in the “Over Range” section can cause distortion in your sound.
  • The Limiter is used to prevent distortion if the volume suddenly gets too loud.
  • The Low Cut reduces low frequency noise that is present in almost any recording environment, whether it’s air conditioning, street sounds, vibrations, and other sources.
  • The Tone Adjustment can make your voice darker or brighter, for that perfect podcast voice.
  • Compressor/DeEsser enables your voice to have more presence for that perfect studio podcast sound.
  • In the On Air screen select Noise Reduction to decrease background noise by automatically turning down the mic levels for tracks not in use.
It Speaks Your Language
The P8’s touchscreen display can be set to any one of six languages. Choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Japanese.

The P8’s color-coded inputs, outputs, and controls make on-the-fly adjustments a breeze, keeping you focused on the discussion.

Crystal-Clear Recording
The PodTrak P8 features six of Zoom’s best-sounding mic inputs, providing pristine audio for you and your guests. With up to 70dB of gain the P8 can handle demanding microphones such as Shure’s SM7B*.

*Shure SM7B is an exclusive product of Shure Incorporated.

This Call Will Be Recorded
The P8 features a dedicated channel for recording phone calls. And channel six can be switched to USB mode to record your guests via computer. Both options include a Mix-Minus feature to prevent echo and feedback for the caller.

On Air Button
When a channel’s ON AIR is disabled, you can still hear the tracks through your headphones, but they won’t be recorded, or go through speakers or USB. Helpful when having sidebar conversations or prepping your guests during breaks.

Wireless Connectivity
Use the optional Zoom BTA-2* Bluetooth Receiver to wirelessly connect your phone to record remote guests

*BTA-2 available separately.

Added Production Value
Make your podcast sound professional by triggering sound effects, intro music, jingles, pre-recorded interviews and more, with nine multi-colored sound pads. Choose from 13 preloaded sounds or load your own. Create up to four banks of sounds for a total of 36 sound clips at your fingertips.

Outputs For Every Occasion
The P8 features six independent headphone outputs, each with individual volume control. For professional playback, the P8’s main outputs allow you to connect to studio monitors.

Editing Options
With the P8’s onboard editing, easily trim, split and fade audio clips to produce a finished episode. You can also transfer track files to your computer to do a final mix.

Take Your Studio With You
When recording outside the studio, the P8 provides up to 2 hours of recording with four AA batteries, or connect a USB power supply for extended use.

Audio Interface
A USB-C port allows the PodTrak P8 to function as an audio interface when connected to a computer for recording or live streaming.

What’s In The Box?
  • PodTrak P8
  • AD-14 AC Adapter
  • Quick Guide
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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  631-542-5270 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Zoom PodTrak P8 Podcasting Mixer and Recorder Specifications

  • Number of input channels:
    • Mic inputs: 6 (mono)
    • Smartphone input: 1 (stereo)
  • Number of output channels:   2 (6 headphones and L/R speaker outputs)
  • Connectors:
    • MIC XLR jacks (2: HOT)
    • Smartphone TRRS mini jack (4 contacts, TIP: L, RING 1: R, connection jack RING 2: GND, SLEEVE: MIC)
    • USB USB Type-C (audio interface and mass storage functions)
      • Use a USB cable that supports data transfer. USB bus power is supported.
    • Headphones 3.5mm stereo mini
    • Speaker output TRS jacks (balanced)
    • AC adapter Power supply connector for AD-14
  • Phantom Power:     +48 V
  • Recorder
    • Formats:   WAV 44.1kHz, 16-bit, mono/stereo
    • Recording media:
      • 4–32 GB cards compatible with the SDHC specification (class 10 or higher)
      • 64–512 GB cards compatible with the SDXC specification (class 10 or higher)
  • Audio interface:     44.1kHz, 16-bit, 2-in/2-out
  • Display:      4.3" (480Å~272) full-color touchscreen LCD
  • Power:
    • 4 AA batteries (alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable NiMH)
    • AC adapter (ZOOM AD-14): DC 5 V/1 A (supports USB bus power)
  • Estimated continuous operation time:
    • Recording 44.1kHz/16-bit/4ch audio to SD card using batteries (when +48 V is OFF and headphone impedance is 32 Ω)
    • Alkaline batteries: about 2 hours NiMH batteries (1900 mAh): about 3.5 hours
    • Lithium batteries: about 6.5 hours
    • • The above values are approximate.
    • • Continuous battery operation times were determined using in-house testing methods. They will vary greatly according to use conditions.
  • External Dimensions:     295 mm (W) Å~ 248 mm (D) Å~ 61 mm (H)
  • Weight (unit only):     1.43 kg

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