ISP Technologies

ISP Technologies is a leader in innovative guitar signal processing. The Decimator Noise Reduction is used by most of the major touring guitarists due to its signal tracking, transparency and effectiveness. The Patented 'Time Vector Processing' circuit, which is the heart of the Decimator, delivers a dynamic response putting the Decimator in a class of its own. ISP delivers other innovations like the Vector line of powered guitar subwoofers, the THETA Preamp Pedal with over the top high gain and amazing tone and the STEALTH compact guitar power amplifier with 180 watts of power in a 1.2 lb package.
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  • The ultimate noise reduction pedal with unmatched performance, the ISP Technologies Decimator G String Noise Reduction Pedal tracks the guitar signal directly from the guitar so you can leave the threshold setting ...
    Rating   5 out of 5 stars. 7 ratings.
    Price: $269.99
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  • ISP Technologies has introduced the DECI-MATE, the first micro-pedal to offer their unique noise reduction system. With full implementation of ISP’s world-renowned Decimator technology, and including new ...
    Price: $139.99
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    $117.00      $117.00
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  • With two pending patents that offer innovative improvements over the original Decimator, the ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal offers improved smoothness of the release response of the expander ...
    Rating   5 out of 5 stars. 14 ratings.
    Price: $159.99
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