Sweetest Guitar Tops - Choose the figured top of your dreams!

Every guitar and bass has a story to tell and serves as symbol of an individual’s personal musical journey. This is why AMS includes brilliant high-resolution photographs of every individual serialized acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass that we sell. Find the instrument that stands out and catches your eye - the distinctive look of the wood grain, the vibrant colorful finish, all of the elements that make each of these instruments truly unique! Our selection includes guitars and basses from the best brands painstakingly built by luthiers using stunning solid tonewoods, ornately carved inlay, and bold finishes complimenting the best quality hardware out there! Buying one of these guitars means you’ve found the look you’re after, a unique voice, an instrument that you’ll be able to enjoy for life - available on our 0% interest, monthly payment plans at the lowest prices!

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